I was so honored to photograph this sweet family during this special season while they await the arrival of their baby girl on the way. This family has become very near and dear to my heart over the past few years as I have gotten to know them. Jeana and I first got connected through my mom because the two of them go to church together and she is also an incredible Columbus photographer. Since then, the two of us have gotten to photograph many things for one another and she has become such a dear friend of mine.

Photographing a family at the end of January on an incredibly dreary day could have its challenges. But between Jeana's intentional outfit choices for her family and my knowledge of how to best maximize the cloudy light we were working with, we were able to create some magic. See how Jeana chose outfits that were not only neutral but also a lighter color? That is what can make SUCH a huge impact on your final gallery if we have to shoot on a gloomy day. It adds such light and airiness to an otherwise dark backdrop. Keep that in mind the next time you need to pick outfits for your session ;)

I love photographing growing families as they wait for their baby to officially enter the world. There is such a joy that radiates off of Jeana and Henry in these photos. And little Evy, too, as she waits for her baby sister to arrive :)