This day was one of the coldest days we have had this year in Ohio, but you would never know it based on being inside this cozy home with that beautiful light coming in. The Law family just welcomed their third baby boy into their family! I just loved working with this family. The mama, Emily, had a joy that just radiated off of her while I photographed her with all of her boys.

These two older boys may have struggled a bit with sitting for pictures, but you would never know it looking through these images. My goal is to always let kids be kids and that means letting them be silly and play while we take photos. So we played games and got their stuffed animals out and before they knew it, I was capturing their sweet personalities without them even realizing it. These images showcase this family perfectly because the boys got to be their silly selves! And I just LOVE that! So do not be afraid if your kids are being wild and silly for pictures, trust me, it will add so much beauty to your photos if they get to be themselves. :)